Circus I Love You

Performers: Saana Leppänen, Julien Auger, Andil Dahl, Benoît Fauchier, Mikkel Hobitz Filtenborg, Sade Kamppila, Thibaud Rancoeur, Oskar Rask

Production: Julia Simon
Technique: Carlos Ferrer
Administration: Pelle Tillö

Video and music: Andil Dahl

Our performance is a cross-composition of live music and circus arts, using the composition tools of long musical pieces like progressive rock, jazz or classical music. The performers of Circus I love you are 8 swiss army knife -acrobat/musicians from Denmark, Finland, France and Sweden. Our circus is absurd, death defying, simple and happy. It is the logical continuum of the slow life -trend, standing for voluntary simplicity, sustainable development and culture for all. We direct our power of action into a family friendly show promoting peace and love. The performance premiered in July 2018 in France, and toured the summer 2018 in France, Lithuania and Sweden performing 23 times and playing 2 music concerts along the way.